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A google mystery

Over the summer I moved my blog from livejournal to wordpress.  There were a lot of reasons to do this, and overall my experience has been very good with wordpress.

Once google indexed me, it came up with the following:

Dague, Sean

Includes personal information, photographs, family, and friends.
dague.net/ – 34k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this

Which was odd.  That description didn’t show up anywhere on my site.  At first I marked it up to finding a new wordpress installation, but others didn’t seem to have it.  Then I marked it up to the xfn tag in the headers, but removing that didn’t seem to help either.

Then, today, I found something that makes this officially declared as a mystery.  I did a google search on the phrase If you search google on the phrase “Includes personal information, photographs, family, and friends.”.  Guess how many hits are found?

No… really… guess.

I don’t think you actually guessed yet…

Seriously, this is more fun if you play along.

Web  Results 16 of 6 for Includes personal information, photographs, family, and friends.”. (0.24 seconds) 

6… 6 ?!?!

And I am 5 of the 6 hits.  Ok, what is going on here?  Anyone with any theories would be appreciated.  While it is amusing, I’d love to actually get real content indexed for dague.net again.  Feedback appreciated as comments.

Ruby gymnastics

@strips = @user.comics.collect {|c|    
    c.strips.find(:all, :conditions => [“date > ?“, 7.days.ago])}.
    delete_if {|c| c == nil}.   
    sort_by {|c| c.date}

The previous shows ruby in much of it’s glory, and is code that I needed this weekend for one of my side hacking projects.  I’ve colored it to match what xemacs shows me, just to make it a little more clear.

First off, it shows off the power of mixins. 7.days.ago does exactly what you would expect, providing you with a date object.

Second, it shows off the power of collect (aka map in many other languages).  Collect lets you iterate through a list you have, and return a new collection based on an arbitrary transform.  In this case returning a list of strip objects for each comic.

And lastly, it shows the fact that collection operations can be chained.  My list of lists becomes a single order list, I purge out nils (probably redundant at this point), and then sort all the objects by their date field.

Ruby is such a fun language to program in. 🙂

are you on twitter and/or delicious?

Over the past couple of months I’ve started looking more at various new “web 2.0” sites, putting aside past prejudices, and seeing where the value in these applications might be.

Delicious is social book marking. I’ve found it is a great way to put interesting stuff on my blog that I didn’t have more than a sentence to say about anyway. It also cuts down on my IM spam to people with interesting links I’ve found, because if they want them, they are here.

is microbloging, which I’m still experimenting with. It’s more like free form presence vs. content of any nature. I think there is something valuable there, but my few weeks of experimenting are too little to really sort that out. You can see my status at twitter now.

If you read this, and have a Delicious or Twitter account, let me know (post a comment, or find me in other ways). I’d love to network in with more people here and get a better sense of the network effects.

If only Firefox….

I really wish that Firefox set WM_URGENT when a new tab or window loaded. I need to look into what it would take to make that happen, as my use of Ion would end up being nirvana after that. Click on a link in an application Mod-k k, read the link, Mod-k k back to where you were. I spent a bunch of time on google looking for tihs one, and failed, which isn’t promissing. In my copious spare time, I’ll have to look into this one more.