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New Cold Frame

In the better late than never camp, I just finished off the new cold frame (an unheated green house). This is a project that started this summer, and I needed to finish it before first snow so that we can get the cars back in the garage.

Made of 2″ Ceder and Thermoclear sheets (which is corrugated Lexan with a UV coat), it should hold up for quite a while.


All the joints were done with a Kreg Jig, a completely invaluable tool that I got to know during the day of service at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project a few years ago.



Finished Refinishing

These cedar benches were built by my father a number of years ago, after we took down a bunch of trees on the property, including some 100 year old cedar trees. After 3 years of weathering their original finish had worn through. Based on the success I had with our the cherry bench in the spring, I went to town on these this week.

The one on the right is the state of the benches before being touched. The one on the left was after an hour with a belt sander. The cedar red color really jumped back out in the process.

This is a look at the benches after the final coat of poly was put on. They are still drying, so there is some artifacting that won’t be there once it hardens. I’m very curious how long the deep red heart wood is going to stay that color, or if it will orange like cedar does when exposed to air.

Weekend Wood Projects

Besides picking 7lbs of blueberries this weekend, I also managed a lot of progress on 2 of my wood working tasks.

This is my shot glass collection shelf, probably to be mounted tonight. 7′ 7″ long, 3″ wide, going up in our dining room. Oak with 2 coats of cherry stain.

An outdoor coffee table created from extra top we had for our outdoor island. Legs made of poplar using my new kreg jig.