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Review: Memories of the Future

I just finished Wil Wheaton’s Memories of the Future Volume 1, and hope that Wil get’s writting fast to get Vol 2 out there.  This book is just too damn fun.

The book is an episode by episode look at Star Trek The Next Generation, wherein Wil provides a 6 – 8 page synopsis of the episode in the way that the Mystery Science 3000 folks would do one.  It’s incredibly funny, and has lines like “well as long as we’re not advancing the plot, why don’t we do a pod race?”.  For anyone that watched ST:TNG growing up, this book is a really amusing look back, especially on all the uneveness of the first season.  Each episode also then has Wil’s favorite quote from it, the obligatory technobabble, and his personal memories of shooting the episode. 

Vol 1 covers up through Datalore (the first 1/2 of season 1), and is constantly making comments about the disaster which is Angel One.  I can’t wait for Vol 2 which is going to start us there take us to the end of season 1.

Wil is really an incredible writer, and his great sense of humor comes through in this book in spades.  After reading Just a Geek in the spring, I was happy to pick this book up.  Honestly, I found it hard to put down.  It’s just too damn funny.  If you had any opinion at all on ST:TNG (loved or hated), do yourself a favor and get this book.  You will not be disappointed.