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The Tick… edited

Toon Disney has been playing The Tick recently, which is great, and it has been lots of fun rewatching the show. However, any time you air a mid 90s cartoon on current TV in syndication, you end up loosing a couple of minutes of content in the process (which is why I can’t wait for The Tick on DVD, oh please, oh please.)

Having quoted the Tick a lot in college, there are a few places where I’ve noticed the cuts. One was tonight, when the interview sequence was cut from “Can you destroy the earth with your mind?” to “Can you destroy the earth?”. You loose a little bit of Edlund in that edit, but it’s bearable. However, in the first episode they actually completely remove the scene with Bi-Polar Bear. Yes, I know it wouldn’t be politically correct now, but it wasn’t back then either, during the heart of political correctness. 🙂

Please… The Tick on DVD, then I’ll be able to see all the old eps in their true glory.

Brisco County Jr on DVD

Brisco County Jr has finally made it to preorder status on Amazon. We’ve been watching digital transfers of really old VHS recordings of this recently, and I can’t wait to buy the series with a real video transfer. 🙂

For those unfamiliar, Brisco County Jr was a year long series on network TV with Bruce Campell years ago. It is a Western, that takes a lot of liberty with historical elements at the turn of the 20th century, and has a sci-fi story arc going on at the same time. Basically all the cheese you’d expect from Campell, but probably some of the best bits of TV he’s ever done. If you like Army of Darkness, you’ll like this.

Adam West comes full circle

I noticed that there is a new The Batman animated series on the WB, so I promptly TiVoed it to see if it was any good.

I was most amused that the first voice actor I saw was Adam West as the Mayor of Gotham. I guess the death of irony was proclaimed a little too soon.

Adam West has had a revival in the past few years, as a voice actor, first, playing himself as Mayor Adam West on Family. I also noticed him on The Boondocks in the Trial of R Kelly episode.