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The Dutchess County Rail Trail Expands

Yesterday, a new 6 mile section of the Dutchess County Rail Trail opened. This means that we can now ride out our front door, and in less than 3 miles get onto 8 miles of scenic ride with only 3 at grade crossings the entire way.

I managed to get out there tonight after work, though given that it was the first ride of the year, cheated and drove to the entrance. 1:45 and 16.5 miles later, I’d ridden down to Hopewell Junction and back. While I didn’t end up with any riding companions, My Tracks apparently has a new feature where it speaks to you after every completed km or mile (depending on your units) with total time and averages. That freaked me out the first time, but I got used to it as a nice cadence.

Here is my own track from tonight:

And the trail map for people in the area that might be interested:

Well worth venturing out, it’s a great ride.