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Adblock fixes for Poughkeepsie Journal

I finally got around to figuring out how to fix Adblock (Chrome or Firefox) with the Poughkeepsie Journal site. Without running adblock, I find their site completely unusable. Because their design team does truly crazy things with javascript (and not in a good way), basically all the controls on the site don’t work (including the search box) with default adblock. It turns out that by adding the following exception to your Adblock rules, you get most of that function back:


And now you can do things like go to page 2 of a story, or even use the search box, and not be assaulted by popups and half page expanding ads that push all the content off the page.

Fahnestock Winter Park in the Poughkeepsie Journal

There is a good write up today on the Fahnestock Winter Park (alternate link on NY outdoors blog), including some expansion plans.  I love the idea of making a groomed trail around Stillwater Pond, as that would give another couple of miles on the wooded side of the park, which is my favorite.

Fahnestock Winter Park is currently fully open, including the Lake Trail, and definitely something you should check out if you like x-country skiing.  I was just there yesterday, and the snow is quite good.

You know it’s a blizzard if…

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Meteorologist Tom Wasula said the Weather Service in Albany has not been able to confirm if the storm can officially be called a “blizzard” in Dutchess County. He said the wind sensor at Dutchess County Airport broke last night in the storm.

The parameters for a blizzard include heavy or blowing snow, visibility reduced to less than a quarter-mile and wind or consistent wind gusts over 35 mph for a period of three consecutive hours, he said.

I think that if the storm breaks your wind sensor, it’s safe to call it a blizzard.  Based on what we saw at 11pm last night while shoveling, this would definitely qualify.