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The Willis Ave Bridge on the Hudson

The replacement for the Willis Ave Bridge was floated down the Hudson River yesterday, from it’s building facility up north of Catskill NY.  To get something like this down river they had to weld 2 barges together, and use 3 tugs to keep it on track.

The whole event, for the few of us that came out for it, was great.  I ended up chatting and joking with 3 other completely random folks near where the AP had set up their video camera.  It was that perfect sense of community, even though no one knew each other, we were there for a common event.  Even when there were discussions around the walkway, which is our local contentious issue, and it was clear that people had different points of view, it was a level of civil and jovial discourse that just doesn’t exist in politics any more.  It was refreshing and wonderful.

A perfect way to end a day in the office.

Victory vs Pandemic

Pandemic is a really amazing game.  Instead of players playing against each other, you are playing against the game mechanics to try to cure the world of 4 diseases that are breaking out in different geographies.  Difficulty level can be adjusted by setting the frequency of the outbreaks.

The noob level of pandemic is 4 epidemics.  Susan and I can pretty much beat every instance of that.  Last night we managed our first victory at the 5 epidemic level (after a fare number of losses).  For anyone that knows the game, they’ll notice we were at our final outbreak level when we won.

Earth Hour 2010 in Pictures

The Big Picture has another great photo essay on Earth Hour 2010, with some of the big cities that decided to turn off their lights for one hour on Saturday.  Some of the images are amazing, as you can actually see the stars start to show up (like on the acropolis).

Light Pollution has taken the stars and the milky way away from a majority of Americans, as well as becoming a health hazard.  Hopefully this creates some more awareness on the issue.