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Open APIs for NY State Senate

Hours before the entire NY State Senate imploded into a bunch of whining 1st graders, the previous leadership pushed out something quite interesting: open.nysenate.gov.

To pursue its commitment to transparency and openness the New York State Senate is undertaking a cutting-edge program to not only release data,
but help empower citizens and give back to the community. Under this
program the New York Senate will, for the first time ever, give
developers and other users direct access to its data through APIs and release its original software
to the public. By placing the data and technological developments
generated by the Senate in the public domain, the New York Senate hopes
to invigorate, empower and engage citizens in policy creation and

It remains unclear what will happen once squabble-gate ends, and we get a NY State government again, but hopefully a step into open like this is hard to step back from, especially if more people know about it.  So spread the good word, and cross your figures that we get some sort of government back some time this year.