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First Steps towards the Tesla Museum

As reported by Ars:

On Friday, a group known as the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, formerly known as Friends of Science East, purchased 16 acres on eastern Long Island to create a Tesla museum and science center. Matt Inman, creator of the Web cartoon The Oatmeal, encouraged his readers to contribute to the non-profit’s purchase, calling its goal, “a simple feat… only expensive.” Inman set out to raise $850,000, but ended up raising close to $1.4 million for the establishment of what will be America’s first museum dedicated to scientist Nikola Tesla.

I donated to this effort, and am very excited to see this going forward. This is just the first step though, as it gets the land. There is still a tremendous amount of work that will need to be done to rehabilitate this into a museum, but at least it’s no longer going to be bulldozed to build a shopping plaza.

Can’t wait for the next steps on this project.