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Unpacking Back to the Future

If you want to be disappointed by anything in our real 2015 compared to what’s imagined in the Back to the Future movies, don’t be disappointed because we haven’t yet been given flying cars or hoverboards. Instead, be disappointed that the momentum of the cassette era has slowed, stopped, and even been rolled back; be disappointed that tech and media companies alike work with judges and law enforcement to take our machines and our culture back out of our own hands.

via Back to the Future, Time Travel, and the Secret History of the 1980s — The Message — Medium.

A way more interesting look at Back to the Future than complaining about flying cars. One of my favorite bits about the article is noting that Marty could plug his camcorder into the TV that existed 30 years prior. If we went back 30 years, we couldn’t.

I suspect there will be a movie night soon.


Rule 1: Fund Joss

Avengers broke all the 3 day openning financial records this weekend, and they don’t yet have my money to push them forward (I’ll fix that this week). I’ve been reasonably annoyed that most of the talking heads about this have been talking about Disney and can they repeat with Spider Man.


The Avengers, and the build up to it, was about a different way that Marvel made movies. Just go look at the directors from Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers. These are independent film directors (really high class ones), that focus on story first. Guess what, if you make a compelling story, people like it. I know, amazing principle.

So rule #1 of production houses, fund Joss Whedon. The rest is pretty negligible after that.

Is Instant Reboot the new big thing in Hollywood?

Hollywood did a few years of double takes, where they did 2 movies with the same story in the same year: 2 comet movies, 2 bugs movies, 2 mars movies.

Then we got instant remakes.  Open Your Eyes / Vanilla Sky being the most egregious, as the same actress was in both.  The Hulk (2003 / 2008) was a more recent instance.

Now, apparently, we get instant reboot.  Spider Man 4 is going to be a reboot of the series, with all the old cast crew gone.

I wonder what’s next.  Maybe we could get concurrent instant reboots, sort of a combo of instant reboot and double takes, so we get 2 versions of the same movies in a trilogy out each year.