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Achievement Unlocked: MS in Computer Science

While not officially true until the 22nd, today I took my last final exam of my graduate degree.  I’m now done.  Not only that, I actually managed to finish the practical with 15 minutes to spare (it would have been more, but something was just acting up with IPv6, which had me going around in circles for a bit).  I’m pretty sure that was a deep expression of shock as I popped my head up and said, I’m done, as it looks like he’d been cutting people off all morning when they exceeded their 2 hour block.

6 years.  That’s how long I’ve been working towards this Master’s Degree.  6 years of homework most weekends during the school year.  It’s sort of hard to believe it is over, and honestly I’m not sure it will fully sink in until I find myself not on campus in the fall.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of my twitter or facebook streams, this semester has been very much senioritis.  All my friends have been good sports in putting up with me on that front, which I greatly appreciate.  Many of them will be showing up shortly for margaritas… which I should get cracking on.