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IBM Watson on NOVA

NOVA just aired their special on Watson, the computer that is going to compete on the IBM Jeopardy challenge, and it’s really good. Even my wife, who often waves that kind of thing off as “boring” was sucked in and glued to her seat for the entire program. They do a really good job of explaining some of the basics of how Watson works, and why this is incredibly hard to do.

NOVA is current streaming this episode online, so you can watch it on your computer if you missed it when it aired.

I’m really looking forward to the 3 nights of matches (Feb 14 – 16). Match 1 will span nights 1 & 2, presumably to explain some of what’s going on to the audience, and night 3 will be the second match in it’s entirety. I know of events at SUNY New Paltz (where I’ll be headed), and Bard College, and I assume many other locations around here, given that Watson itself lives about 50 minutes south of here at the Yorktown Heights Research Facility.