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Via twitter yesterday I found out about Readability, which is damn impressive.  It’s a button for your browser that contains a bunch of javascript code that reforms the page you are looking at into something that’s easy to read.  It’s worked really nicely on many of the cluttered news sites that I end up on regular basis.

I’m sure this will end up in an arms race at some point, but for now, I’m really enjoying it.

Adding alternating table row colors dynamically with prototype

Alternative table row colors (also known as zebra tables) are very handy.  Recently I ran into an issue with redmine where it generates tables in a way that prevents you from tagging the rows as “even/odd” when you create them.

You can fix this after the fact with the following prototype function (redmine is a rails app, so I used prototype, it should be pretty easy to do in jquery as well).

function colorTable() {
    var EvenOddCount = 0;
    $$(‘.splitcontentleft tr’).each(function(element) {
            if(EvenOddCount % 2 == 0){
                element.className = “even”;
                element.className = “odd”;

I use your own css selector where appropriate in the $$ function.  Then you can set tr.even and tr.odd in your css file and give it your color scheme.  Just set onload=”colorTable();” in your body declaration, and off you go.