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How to Use Free GPS Hiking Maps on Android Without Cell Coverage

From suite101.com:

One of the problems with using an Android-based smartphone such as the Droid, Droid Eris, or Droid X as a hiker’s GPS is that maps don’t work when there is no cell coverage, which is common in areas where people like to hike or bike recreationally.

Google Maps will pre-cache some maps but it’s unpredictable as to whether it will fetch the right maps or delete the cached maps altogether. The real solution is to use an offline GPS program instead of the Google Maps program, which still requires access to the Internet

For those willing to put the effort, a free program called OruxMaps can make use of GPS maps stored on a Android smartphone’s SD card. The process of getting the maps is actually very straightforward by using another program. For most people, it should take no more than a few minutes to begin downloading the correct maps for use on an Android device with just GPS signals.

Very cool stuff.  I’m going to have to check this out for the next time we head to Vermont.

Hiking in Fanhestock

We didn’t quite intend to do 9 miles, the last half in a snow storm, when we started out today, but sometimes that’s how it goes.  This is especially true when “Horse Trail” apparently means poorly marked washed out river bed.  MyTracks on my HTC Hero make a nice gps track of our adventures.

We also heard something when we were backtracking our horse trail miss, some sort of screaming animal being taken by a predator, probably a rabbit, if I had to make a guess.  No idea on the predator.