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Google Maps snapshot in time

I was headed over to a friend’s house the other night, so looking them up on google maps to make sure I knew the way. In the process I stumbled upon something that totally threw me.

This is a map of Poughkeepsie, NY, what I typically get when I bring up Google Maps.

Notice anything odd near the Golf Club? No? I didn’t either, for years.

How about now? Kind of looks interesting huh?

Oh, look it’s a plane in flight. Well isn’t that the damnest thing. I even know that flight path, as it’s the one where they turn over our neighborhood before heading in for a landing at Stewart air port. The flight is typically 4 in the afternoon IIRC.

This looks a lot like what you see with asteroids going through star fields because astro photographs are taken with a single CCD and color filters, which provide much better resolution per silicon chip.

There should be enough detail on that plane to tell the model. Any takers? I’d love to know the answer, just because.