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We are clearly living in the future

2010 is still an odd year for me to write, much more so than 2000 was.  2010 is clearly the future in my head.  If you had any doubt we are now living in the future here are things that will happen in 2010 (bits of this already announced / demoed at CES).

  • In 2010 you’ll be able to have a universal translator in your pocket (voice to voice translation in at least a dozen languages).  For this you can thank Google and their Android phones.
  • In 2010 you’ll be able to buy a 3D television for your living room, and 3D TV broadcasts start in June.
  • In 2010 you’ll be able to read your newspaper on tablet like they had in star trek (yes, I realize a lot of this tech is out there now, but Hearst’s ereader shows how much the industry is embracing this.)