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James Burke’s Connections now on Youtube

Ok, it’s time, gentle readers, to go directly to Youtube and start watching James Burke’s Connections.  This is brilliant stuff, wonderfully written, and something everyone should watch.  The first series is by far the best, before Discovery got their hands on it, but the other stuff is worth while as well.

The entire thing has now been cut up into 10 minute segments, and put into playlists, and made easy to consume.  You have no excuses any more.

A Road Not Taken

In 1979, Jimmy Carter, in a visionary move, installed solar panels on the roof of the White House. This symbolic installation was taken down in 1986 during the Reagan presidency. In 1991, Unity College, an environmentally-minded centre of learning in Maine acquired the panels and later installed them on their cafeteria roof.
In «A Road not Taken», Swiss artists Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller travel back in time and, following the route the solar panels took, interview those involved in the decisions regarding these panels as well as those involved in the oil crisis of the time. They also look closely at the way this initial installation presaged our own era.

This is the setup for a new documentary that’s debuting at the Main Film Festival.  I’m quite interested in seeing it once it comes out.