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Colbert and Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my favorite speakers. I’ve gone on Tyson binges on youtube before, watching one video after another of talks that he’s given. You only end up smarter for doing so. And now there is a brand new, long form, talk to add to the list.

Stephen Colbert does a long form, over an hour, interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson on stage. There are bits you’ve heard other places (like his Titanic story), but lots of new perspectives as well. Treat your brain, and take the time to watch this.

Restore Truthiness, Help a Teacher

The folks over at Reddit, who got the ball rolling on trying to get Colbert to hold a Restore Truthiness rally in DC in October, found a new way to get his attention. Colbert is on the board of Donors Choose, a charity that helps get school teachers supplies for projects in their classrooms. On Reddit a thread was started to get people to donate to Donors Choose in the name of the rally.

Slightly over a day later it has pulled in slightly over $90,000 to the effort. It came in fast enough that is broke their tally system last night. So help a teach, and restore truthiness at the same time.