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Sunday Morning Source Code

I’m trying to figure out why duplicate key errors keep getting generated for the drupal twitter module, because it’s all open source, I started reading code to figure out why it didn’t seem to be using mysql BIGINTS.  I came across this comment:

* Dear PHP, I hate you so bad. Love, Jeff.
* Workaround for drupal_write_record(), which treats a DB bigint as a signed 32
* bit int on 32 bit PHP builds. We can STORE bigints, and PHP automatically
* converts them to floats in memory while we work with them, but db_placeholders()
* always treats them as %d and casts them back to dumb signed ints.
* See http://drupal.org/node/333788 for more info.
* Instead we’ll set the column type to ‘string’ which is a little like jumping
* off the Sears Tower because the elevator’s broken. But that’s life.

I laughed.

That’s not search

Unfortunately, bugzilla can not do searches with words less than three letters long. Please rephrase your search and try again.

That’s because it didn’t implement search, is implemented LIKE clauses in mysql.  There is a difference.  It also makes things frustrating when searching for “sd” card issues.