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Tux Cookies

Wednesday is the last MHVLUG meeting of the year, as well as the last MHVLUG meeting at the Mid Hudson Library System Auditorium. In honor of that, I decided to make Tux Cookies.

First I made regular sugar cookies…

Then I made chocolate sugar cookies… which turned out to be a bit more challenging as the recipe didn’t call for enough flour. I’ll fix that next time around. So they are a little closer to brownies.

All of which was made possible by Ed Nisley’s Tux Cookie Cutter that he made me using his Thing-o-matic. Whether he intended it or not, Linus made a really good tux shape for the kind of packing problem that cookie cutting is. As basically a triangle you can pack in the Tuxes really tightly.

The early folks at the MHVLUG meeting on Wed will get first dibs.