Work begins on 339-mile transmission line from Canada to NYC

CHPE is expecterd to deliver 1,250 megawatts of clean energy, or enough to power 1 million New York City homes — about 20% of the city’s electric demands.Power cable lines will be installed underground and underwater for an estimated cost of $2.2 billion. The transmission line is expected to start full operations in the spring of 2026. It’s expected to reduce carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons in its first 10 years.That’s equivalent to removing about 500,000 cars off New York roads, Hochul said, adding it will significantly reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

Work begins on 339-mile transmission line from Canada to NYC

When Indian Point was shut down it took 2 GW of power offline that powered a huge amount of NYC. That was replaced with more Natural Gas plants.

The completion of CHPE is going to reverse about 50% of that loss. The original completion date was 2025, so hopefully the delay doesn’t get worse, as NYC needs this clean power as soon as possible.

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