99% Invisible at TED – Good Flags

A Tiny Radio Show About Design with Roman MarsSource: 99% Invisible at TED | 99% Invisible

Roman Mars did a remix of his 99% Invisible podcast episode on flags as a TED talk. As with all of 99% Invisible, it’s pretty amazing. And it might even inspire you to fix your city flag.

One thought on “99% Invisible at TED – Good Flags”

  1. A terrific and very convincing talk. But I say this only because I recently read Robin Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book. Before reading this book, I was a complete non-designer, and wouldn’t have appreciated what Mars was talking about. Now it’s so obvious. As Mars says, the principles for flag design are pretty much the same as for any design.

    By the way, and consistent with Mars’ talk, the flags for both cities in Dutchess County (Poughkeepsie and Beacon) are terrible, as are the flags for the Village of Red Hook and for Dutchess County itself. But the worst by far of our local flags is that for New York State.

    In fairness, most other U.S. State and Territory flags are almost as bad as New York State’s. But there are a few that look (to me) really good: Alabama, Colorado, Tennessee,Texas, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. See them all at http://crwflags.com

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