New Cold Frame

In the better late than never camp, I just finished off the new cold frame (an unheated green house). This is a project that started this summer, and I needed to finish it before first snow so that we can get the cars back in the garage.

Made of 2″ Ceder and Thermoclear sheets (which is corrugated Lexan with a UV coat), it should hold up for quite a while.





All the joints were done with a Kreg Jig, a completely invaluable tool that I got to know during the day of service at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project a few years ago.



2 thoughts on “New Cold Frame”

  1. Your last sentence about the Kreg Jig sounds like a teaser for a next blog post! I am looking to build some boxes for my kids (and possibly a little wood house for them). Sounds like that tool makes drilling easier.

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