OpenStack CI by the numbers

For the week of Monday Oct 20th to Sunday Oct 27th (partial, it’s still Sunday morning).

  • 34894 – # of test jobs run by the CI system
  • 25316 – # of devstack clouds created by the CI system
    • 8254 – # of large ops runs (devstack + fake virt driver + limitted tempest test to drive it)
    • 940 – # of swift functional runs (devstack + swift functional tests)
    • 16122 – # of runs that do some level of devstack + tempest with libvirt qemu
  • 508536 – # of qemu guests started (successfully) in the devstack clouds
  • 128 – Max # of libvirt qemu guests started (successfully) in a single test run

Things that you figure out when you are playing with elastic search on a Sunday morning. One of the surprises for me was how much we use devstack outside of the base tempest run use case, and that our max # of guests spawned in a run is now over 100.

Update: Clark Boylan correctly pointed out that our guests are 2nd level, on platforms that don’t support nested kvm, and thus are libvirt/qemu guests not libvirt/kvm guests.

3 thoughts on “OpenStack CI by the numbers”

    1. The way I collected that is through elastic search, which for space / processing reasons, only has our last 7 days of log data in them, so not really. We keep the last 6 months of logs in an archive, so you could process that data for answers, but that becomes a big data problem pretty quick, as that’s 1 TB of data (compressed). If we thought there was more value in numbers like these, I’m sure we could figure out a way to save them off over time. They mostly showed in a side effect of me trying to figure out how I could use facets in elastic search to answer certain questions.


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