Disconnecting for Vacation

I learned something interesting over these last two weeks, which is how to disconnect from work on vacation without loosing the connection to home and friends. In a connected age, it’s hard to get one without the other, but it turns out that the way I’ve set up my social networks I have a reasonable balance.

Step #1 – Turn off Twitter – I really love twitter, it’s where I spend most of my social time. But the downside in being so connected to so many other stackers is that twitter pulls me back into a work mindset. Basically after our first two nights out I realized I need to just give up twitter for the duration to really disconnect.

Step #2 – Stop reading RSS – I basically just stopped from about two nights in, until this morning. The world could do it’s own thing for the last two weeks, and I’m happy with that. And in general stop reading news. That can all wait until I get home.

Step #3 – Facebook. I actually used facebook more than I usually do during the vacation. Once or twice a day I could post something fun from the vacation, and once I figured out the perennial misconfiguration of my eyefi card, I was able to post pictures from the trip from my real camera, via my cell phone.

Step #4 – Foursquare. I really seem to use Foursquare mostly when traveling. It’s kind of a travel log for me to go back and see things later.

I’m slowly starting to reconnect now, probably not fully until I get back to the office on Tuesday. But this strategy worked well enough on this long trip that I think I’ll be using it again in the future. Definitely curious what other folks use to disconnect on vacation.

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