Rule 1: Fund Joss

Avengers broke all the 3 day openning financial records this weekend, and they don’t yet have my money to push them forward (I’ll fix that this week). I’ve been reasonably annoyed that most of the talking heads about this have been talking about Disney and can they repeat with Spider Man.


The Avengers, and the build up to it, was about a different way that Marvel made movies. Just go look at the directors from Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers. These are independent film directors (really high class ones), that focus on story first. Guess what, if you make a compelling story, people like it. I know, amazing principle.

So rule #1 of production houses, fund Joss Whedon. The rest is pretty negligible after that.

Timeline of the far future

This wikipedia page is just great, and includes such hits as:

1 million Highest estimated time until the red supergiant star Betelgeuse explodes in a supernova. The explosion is expected to be easily visible in daylight.[11][12]
1.4 million Gliese 710 passes within 1.1 light years of the Sun, potentially disturbing the Solar System’s Oort cloud and increasing the likelihood of a comet impact in the inner Solar System.[13]
10 million The widening East African Rift valley is flooded by the Red Sea, causing a new ocean basin to divide the continent of Africa.[14]
11 million The moon Phobos collides with the surface of Mars.[15]

Makes you think in a slightly longer time frame than what’s for dinner on Tuesday.

Loving Kickstarter

It took me a little while to warm up to Kickstarter, but I’m totally in love now, and it was this project that turned me:

This is a totally awesome clock made of 180 RGB leds. It’s running off an Arduino, and the source code is available for the clock. Beyond being open and programmable, the thing is gorgeous, and now hangs in my office at work.

There is something really rewarding about being involved in a great kickstarter project. There is so much communication between the creators and the backers, and you really do feel like you are co-investing in someone’s dreams to make something awesome happen.

Today I just backed my 4th kick starter project, which is a coop Zombie game. They have been blowing through stretch goals, so really can’t wait to see all that’s provided with the final game.