Brother HL-4150 vs. Linux

I love having a duplexing color laser printer at home, and thanks to my friend John for the recommendation on the Brother HL-4150. However, in the last few months I found that print quality was way out of whack from Linux, last night I found the fix.

What was most curious was that if I printed from Adobe Acrobat, everything was good, but any other program in the system, and the output was jaggy, and the colors were faded. The fix was simple, but took a little while to find.

Make the print url: lpd://(Your printer’s IP address)/binary_p1

Life is good again, output looks great, and I don’t have to jump through Adobe hoops. And if you are looking for an affordable color home laser printer, I’d definitely recommend this one.

2 thoughts on “Brother HL-4150 vs. Linux”

  1. I’ve had various and terrible luck with Brother products.  Several went belly up with cryptic error messages on them that required a trip back to the manufacturer to repair.  This was a few years back, so hopefully for you their firmware programmers have gotten better since then.


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