Irene in Poughkeepsie

We’re back in NY right now to ride out the storm. There is a pretty constant roar outside as the 40 mile hr winds rumble through the tree tops. My rain guage says it’s raining at about 1/2″ an hour for the last 4 hours. All told we’re at about 4″ of rain so far. My guess is we’ll get 8″ by the time it’s all over.

The rains and winds still haven’t peaked. That’s projected for early this afternoon.

NOAA hourly weather graph for poughkeepsie

The wappingers creek is projected to spike up to 12.8′ from this, which is going to mean quite a bit of flooding.

Projected height of wappingers creek

Our town actually issued a state of emergency, so it’s currently illegal to be on the roads. For safety’s sake, stay indoors.

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