The Sun with a cell phone camera

This isn’t a very good picture, but it’s notable for being taken just by putting my EVO up to my solar telescope and taking a picture. It does give you the sense of some of the more spectacular features going on on the Sun on Saturday. The bright spikes coming off the surface of the sun (the bright round disc) are real features, the rest of this is optical artifact.  Ironically, Sunday was actually a very quiet day on the Sun. Maybe it needed a day of rest.

One thought on “The Sun with a cell phone camera”

  1. There’s some really good looking spots on the Sun today. I’m hoping to get some good shots of them this weekend with my D90 through my 6″ scope and solar filter. I can just about fill the image sensor with the moon and since they have the same angular diameter, I should get a good framing of the sun too. Might try to throw my 3x barlow in the mix to get a better view of the spots. I normally use a 2x teleconverter to fill the sensor so I’ll only get a little closer with the barlow.


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