Arduino RGB Testing

Last night I managed to get some more time on the Arduino, getting a basic color rotate working. Youtube video below:

I’m now trying to figure out a reasonable algorithm for generating colors that would simulate the rayleigh scattering that you get at sunset. I think this is going to involve a lot of trial and error to just get something that looks cool. I also need a couple of good turnable pots for dialing in colors. I think I’m going to have to check out The Shack and see what they have.

Things I still need to figure out:

  • The right way to split the 12V in for both the Arduino power and the light power
  • I think I need to add a push button to change modes, and have been thinking about doing color flashes as an indicator of which mode you are in
  • Even with the bias, Green goes bright really quick. I think I need to do some low value analog tests for brightness and calibrate accordingly.
  • The LED strips get a bit hotter than I expected, which I don’t think will be an issue, but is interesting

Overall I’m having a lot of fun with this, and get excited to get an hour or two on it when I get home at nights.

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