The July MHVLUG meeting (aka Arduino-palooza) is something I’m really looking forward to, if nothing other than it has finally added the extra excuse to kick me into gear to start doing something with the Arduino and RGB led light strips I got last year. The burst of energy at the beginning of squidwrench got me back dusting off my electronics knowledge last year, but after fixing a few things with the new soldering iron, the energy ran out. I put things down, and there they sat.

I’ve got three projects in front of me using Arduino now. The first is this RGB color lamp, which is going to support “dial a color” as well as sunrise and sunset programs. This weekend I managed to figure out enough of the transistor circuit, that the rest is pretty much just programming, and building the right case. I should have that done by the meeting on July 6th.

There are two projects after that. The first is a doorbell project, which I still need to explore the possibilities. Once I know I’m not crazy there I’ll share details. The last is tapping the electronics on my stationary bike at home so that I can get the distance data out of it. That’s probably the most advanced, but something I can work towards.

If you are in the greater Poughkeepsie area on July 6th, you should stop by the Adriannce library auditorium and check out all the really cool Arduino projects people are working on. It should be a blast.

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