A new way to find something good on TV

I’ve generally had mixed feelings over my GoogleTV since I got it in the fall. It’s a promise unfulfilled, largely for 2 reasons. #1, every Big Media company with streaming video on their website specifically blocked the device during it’s first month out. So much for neutral net. #2, there is not yet an SDK, and this is a device all about enabling creation on your TV. That will be fixed soon, and I think after that I’ll be a lot happier. I have a lot of ideas for this platform.

But it has really shined on a few outings, and this week is one of them. The World Science Festival is going on in NYC this week, and they have been nice enough to livestream some of their events. Via the GoogleTV, it’s a not quite HD stream, but very good. I had the panel on about Dark Matter and Dark Energy last night, and tonight I’m watching the lecture on Sleep, going on right now.

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