Selling my gaming gear

A couple years ago I briefly got back into table top gaming, building up a Blood Bowl collection, and gathering up all my old RPG books and games from attic storage up in Vermont. It was a fun summer/fall, but less people got into it than I hoped, and at the end of the day it became another thing I had to organize (I have way too many things on that list). After a year boxed up it’s time to let that hobby go to make space for a Solar Telescope.

I’ve started posting the Blood Bowl teams up on ebay (lots more to come, including some of the 1st ed stuff I bought back in the early 90s). There are also a whole bunch of 1st and 2nd ED AD&D books that I’ll get around to posting over the next couple of weeks, and some other random bits of games. If any of that is of interest to anyone, feel free to let me know.

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