3rd trick on dd-wrt on FIOS

As soon as I went to work the home network dropped off the internet, wouldn’t you know it. It turns out that was the time the old lease ran out, and it wanted my router to ask for it again. As I’d configured it to static to deal with their lease issue, no such luck.

Fixing it when I got home taught me another lesson, it’s actually really important to clone the MAC address as well of the old router. With the original MAC address in place I couldn’t get a DHCP lease. With a clone of the FIOS router, all was good.

2 thoughts on “3rd trick on dd-wrt on FIOS”

  1. You can also wait about 9 hours (without internet access), and it’ll start accepting your new MAC.

  2. I was also going to comment that internet connectivity devices such as Cable Modems and DSL Modems typically ‘lock’ with one MAC in order to prevent multiple devices from being connected to it through a hub and ensuring that the the DHCP IP address pool isn’t over allocated. Often times, you can shut the device off for about a minute or two and plug in your new router. It’ll lock to that new device and off you go.

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