Google Chrome 9 for Linux

I realized last night at our replacement MHVLUG dinner that I was the only one there who was still using Firefox on Linux. Everyone else was on the Chrome bandwagon. And that’s where I thought it would stay, until Chrome 9 came out today.

Yes, Chrome is faster, and doesn’t die on javascript randomly, but the thing that pushed me over the edge was the fact that Google bothered to support WebGL on Linux with the release. I loaded it up to test and found the WebGL demos ran with barely any CPU usage. Ok, I’m sold for now. It’s my new default browser, and we’ll see if it sticks this time.

One thought on “Google Chrome 9 for Linux”

  1. Install the Chrome beta package, I’ve been using that ever since I moved over to Chrome from FF. It’s stable and generally stays well ahead of the “stable” release package (I’ve been using Chrome 9 for months). The only slight downside is that it does get updated super-regularly so I’m always installing an updated version when I patch my system which generally means shutting down all my browser windows and restarting Chrome to pick up the changes.


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