Best Customer Service Call Ever

I will hide the vendor’s name to protect the innocent. However I have a recurring order with a vendor, which is great, up until they got rid of a few items. I tried to modify my order online, and I got an error that said I couldn’t and to call the customer service number. Ok, fine, guess I need to use my cell minutes for something.

I explain the issue to the CS rep. He offers to reset my password. I explain that I can actually log in, but I just can’t modify anything.

“Yeh, the website has been like that since I started. Honestly, I have no idea what IT gets paid to do, because I’ve asked them about that a bunch of times and it’s still broken. Your best bet is to just call in your changes. I know it’s less convenient, but we’re available 24 hours.”

I thanked him for his time, told him I’d call back later, and had a good laugh. I appreciate honestly like that.

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