3 thoughts on “The Moon in Eclipse”

  1. Nice shot for a hand held eyepiece projection. I got some decent shots myself. I made it to totality before the clouds rolled in. Here’s my best shots with my Nikon D90 through my 6″ reflector.



  2. head to Home Depot and get a few bolts and a pipe clamp and stuff and I’m sure you can have something adjustable for a few bucks. I’m thinking of doing that myself so I can use some of my other cameras for video recording through the scope. I’m not really happy with the HD video my D90 will record through the scope. I have little control over exposure so even Jupiter is too bright let alone the moon. I think eyepiece projection recorded with my Kodak Zi8 at 1080p or 720p/60fps will allow for more options not to mention being able to choose my magnification with eyepieces/barlows.


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