Where is Io 2.1 released

Last night I finally got time to re-setup eclipse after the Ubuntu upgrade and did a couple of quick fixes for Where is Io.

One includes making my ghetto math for the Diorama slightly less ghetto.  It still needs future work, and still won’t work above the arctic circle, but Jupiter will show up at 6pm now, which it often wasn’t before.

The other is making it a fat binary. NDK 4 lets you build optimized libraries, so now I’m building Arm5 and Arm7 libraries for the planetary simulator. This means the application is bigger (it can be moved to SD if you care), and it should run faster on most of the phones that came out since Christmas.

It’s called version 2.1 and is available in the Google Marketplace, Archos’s AppsLib, and on github. I have no idea if things will work right on Archos, because location is important, so if you’ve got experience let me know. Enough local friends had been talking about Archos recently that I decided it was worth adding that to my distribution channels.

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