More uses for your Foursquare data

From Programmable Web:

Yes, you read that title correctly. WhereTheLadies.At is, indeed, a thing that exists. Before you get start joking around, let’s be honest. Checking in all the time on Foursquare has earned you nothing but Mayorships and a free slice of pizza every once in a while. Well, that’s about to change.

This Foursquare API-based web app (the iPhone app, which is literally a giant compass pointing towards said ladies, is coming soon)

It apparently started as a joke… but has become really popular.  What a brilliantly funny way to reuse public location data.

It’s not a UFO… it’s Jupiter

Lack of familiarity with the night sky has led a number of people in Washington state to call 911 for a UFO sighting. The police pulled out their binoculars, and correctly determined that it was Jupiter. This happens a lot when one of the bright planets (Venus or Jupiter) are near one of the horizons at sunset.

Jupiter is low in the East at sunset, and the brightest thing in the sky right now besides the Sun and the Moon. If you have a set of binoculars you can even see up to 4 moons lined up on either side of it. It’s really pretty spectacular, and definitely worth doing wherever you live. In a telescope you can see atmospheric bands on the planet, and we had a great view of that last night.