A is for Amazon

Now that google instant search has be released on the world I was curious what my internet alphabet is, so I typed each letter one at a time to see what came up.  Here are the results.

A is for Amazon

B is for Best Buy

C is for Craigslist

D is for Dictionary

E is for Ebay

F is for Facebook

G is for GMail

H is for Hotmail (really… is that still around?)

I is for Ikea

J is for Jet Blue

K is for Kolhs

L is for Lowes

M is for Mapquest

N is for Netflix

O is for Orbitz

P is for Pandora

Q is for Quotes

R is for REI

S is for Sears

T is for Target

U is for USPS

V is for Verizon

W is for Weather

X is for Xbox

Y is for Yahoo

Z is for Zillow

Results may vary per individual.  If you find something dramatically different, I’d be curious what it was.

3 thoughts on “A is for Amazon”

  1. weird… some of the letters are not the same each time…

    For example for L, sometimes it is Lowes, but sometimes it is “leave from”

    Also for M, sometimes I get myspace and sometimes mypay

    The other differences below, seem either localized or themed. I have not searched for or heard of some of these (da 31, leave from, mypay, newzjunky, runescape, usaa, zumba)??? …very strange.

    da 31
    key bank
    leave from
    ogdensburg journal
    price chopper


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