Sometimes you just need to walk away

It’s an oldie but goodie, and good as a mantra when things like pop up on the internet (no, I’m not making that a hot link, that level of ignorance shouldn’t get the google rankings).

If after 400 years there are still groups that refute centuries of evidence, it is little wonder that solid scientific findings of the last 50 years still have deniers and opponents.  Given a couple more centuries, most will come around, and the rest, well, PT Barnum had a few things to say about them.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to walk away”

  1. Folks, the remarkable thing is not that the geocentric group exists. The remarkable thing is that it’s only a fringe group. After all, fully one third of all Americans believe the earth orbits the sun — but has only done so about 6,000 times. How do these one third of Americans justify rejecting the geocentric hypothesis, which comes from the same source as the statement that the world (universe) is only 6,000 years old?

    Answer: The United States has a long and deep tradition of anti-intellectualism. Who says you have to be reasonable?


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