Speaking at Central PA Open Source Conference

The full agenda for the Central PA Open Source Conference is now out there, and I’m on the agenda:

Sean Dague: Solar System in your Pocket – Developing Android Applications

It started with a simple discussion after a local astronomy meeting trying to figure out which moons of Saturn we were looking at. This seemed like the perfect first Android application, building an astronomy simulator that would let me answer that question wherever I was. Little did I know that trying to do this would take me on a Journey through most of the major subsystems and interfaces in the Android SDK.

This talk will take you along on that journey of writing your first Android application. It will touch most of the major concepts involved in mobile development for Android, and many of the interfaces you’ll need to write you first application. Most importantly it will give you a list of things *not* to do when developing for the mobile space.

Sean Dague has been an open source software engineer in the IBM Linux Technology Center for the last 10 years. His spare time is split between the outdoors, amateur astronomy, and random bits of open source hacking.

I’ve been looking through all the talks listed, and I’m quite impressed.  I want to attend at least 2/3 of them, which is going to be a problem unless I can clone myself, as it’s a 3 track conference.  From an interest density level this looks like it’s going to be a really great conference, so I’m very excited to be going down for it.

This will also add some impetus to getting the 2.0 of Where is Io out there, which I’ve been hung up on building a custom view.  Once I get that one custom view finished, I should be back cranking out more regular releases.

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