A Tale of Two Freezers

The last thing you want to hear at midnight is “the icecream has turned to soup” when your wife wanders to the downstairs chest freezer to get some home made icecream out.  Granted, because it was boozy icecream, it was mostly a good early warning sign (everything else seemed frozen).  Given that I’ve got a bunch of remote temperature sensors that my computer collects data on, Susan put one in, and I figured we’d see what things looked like in the morning.

As you can see, the trend line was not going in the right direction.  8 am this morning we realized we needed a new freezer by the end of the day if we wanted the contents of the old one to survive.  We got it back to the house and installed by 10am.  Susan moved everything over at noon, and the old one is no longer a freezer.  So now we have an actual chest freezer again, and I’ve got a new project to figure out if the old one is fixable in any cost effective way.

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