Victory vs Pandemic

Pandemic is a really amazing game.  Instead of players playing against each other, you are playing against the game mechanics to try to cure the world of 4 diseases that are breaking out in different geographies.  Difficulty level can be adjusted by setting the frequency of the outbreaks.

The noob level of pandemic is 4 epidemics.  Susan and I can pretty much beat every instance of that.  Last night we managed our first victory at the 5 epidemic level (after a fare number of losses).  For anyone that knows the game, they’ll notice we were at our final outbreak level when we won.

Moving 1.2 Tera Bytes

Back of the envelope math is good to do.  I’m currently working to upgrade my raid array, but due to a lack of ports on the home server, I’m using a second box to build and initialize the new array.

1.2 Terrabytes / 100 Mbs network = 26 hours at theoretical peak performance.  I’m getting about 80% of peak, so just over 30 hours.  Ooof.