Fragmentation or Innovation?

Google has a different view. Android isn’t summer camp for handset vendors and not everyone gets get a trophy for showing up. Google is treating partners equally, but will not slow the rate of innovation so weaker players can keep up. By constantly raising the bar, both in terms of reference devices and software, Google aims to keep innovating and drive that innovation as a differentiator. Google wasn’t looking for volume sales with the Nexus One, it was looking to raise the hardware bar — and arguably the best way to do that is to do it yourself.

Engadget has a pretty interesting piece on Android and the fragmentation fears that are out there.  Some of the challenges that Windows Mobile had with lock stepping the partners is part of the reason Google isn’t waiting for everyone to catch up.

I’ve now gotten the 2.1 update for my Sprint Hero.  I’m very happy for the new browser and new google maps, those were things I was longing for.  I’ve installed 3 applications that needed post 1.5 APIs… I haven’t even run one of them.  Everything I’m writing for Where is Io is 1.5 compatible, and it only needs that level because of the NDK code.

I’m all for Google continuing to beat the drum of innovation and put out 2 or 3 Android releases a year.  Makes for great phone upgrade options come the holiday season.

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