Moving 1.2 Tera Bytes

Back of the envelope math is good to do.  I’m currently working to upgrade my raid array, but due to a lack of ports on the home server, I’m using a second box to build and initialize the new array.

1.2 Terrabytes / 100 Mbs network = 26 hours at theoretical peak performance.  I’m getting about 80% of peak, so just over 30 hours.  Ooof.

3 thoughts on “Moving 1.2 Tera Bytes”

  1. This is why I won’t deploy anything but GigE any more, and am getting ready to start 10G deployment 🙂


  2. I actually do have GigE in the house, and in the home server. But the GigE card in the upstairs computer was a casuality of the lightning strike, and I never got around to replacing it.


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