Curling Open House in Norfolk Connecticut

For folks in Dutchess County in NY, or Western Connecticut, that have been enjoying Curling, you should know that the Norfolk Curling Club is running an Open House this weekend. Today’s events are over, but tomorrow between 1 and 5 pm you can go and check out the sport.  We did this back in 2006 during the last Olympics.

As you can see, you will get to throw stones, which is just awesome.  This picture is of Pyg, one of the members of our Poughkeepsie contingent that came out out for the open house in 2006, we ended up taking a 2 week course, which was brilliant.  They seem to be running things a bit earlier this time around, I suspect in hopes of getting more play in for people before they close down the clubhouse for the year.

If you have any interest in Curling, you should check it out.

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