Moving on from OpenSim

This has filtered a number of places, but I figured I should post it out on my blog as well, which will hit the OpenSim planet in the process.

I’m moving on from the OpenSim project, for now.  I got involved a little over 2 years ago as part of my role in the Linux Technology Center at IBM.  Over the past 2 years I’ve made incredible friends, and seen the OpenSim project grow from seeds and ideas to wondrous function.  A really community exists around this project, one that is unquestionably going to change the world.

My official daytime activities are changing to something very unrelated.  You’ll still see other folks from the IBM team working actively in the community, Kurt, Rob, Arthur, Alan, Suzy, Zha, Dirk, but for now I’m going to disappear as I deep dive into my new work, and stop being such a slacker on some of the volunteer work I’ve let slide the end of this summer.

Good bye’s are weird on the internet, because no one every really goes very far.  But given how visible I’ve been at times on OpenSim, I figured I owed it to folks to say something instead of just disapearing into the ether.  As I’ve learned in working with other open projects, good bye’s are never final, so I hope to get engaged again in the future.  Until then… keep on planting those virtual worlds and letting them bloom.

4 thoughts on “Moving on from OpenSim”

  1. I have been following your blog, and I don’t know where I got the feed from. Anyway, like you said, goodbye’s are never final. You are always welcome, I suppose, to wander around the grids and visit virtually with many people. You don’t have to write code to enjoy the virtual world environment and the people in it.


  2. Hi Sean,

    Best wishes in your new endeavors, it has been nice running into you from time to time. You have made a good impact on the OpenSimulator project. If I remember correctly, we owe the “No-Pants Weekend” to your effort (or maybe you supplied the fix). Thanks for your contributions, and best wishes!



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