Daily links valuable or not?

I’m curious if the couple of people that read this find the daily links valuable or not?  I’ve been wondering if I should keep them here, or put up something like lifestream on a suburl with them, making the main blog just original content.  I’m currently on the fence, and comments would be appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Daily links valuable or not?”

  1. I do find them useful and have followed several of them over time. More importantly, I don’t find them obtrusive so I don’t see any reason to break them out to a separate stream.


  2. I never read them, ignoring all the link posts and only reading the original content. For me it makes me look at your blog (in google reader) less often as I know the majority of updates are just link posts I’m not bothered about. Does wordpress allow you export a feed include links and another feed without, maybe using tagging for example?


  3. I find about 15% of the links posted interesting, which I think is a good number. I’ve actually been thinking about pulling my own bookmarks into my feed, I just haven’t developed a discipline to fill out the comments when I add something to delicious yet so I haven’t bothered.


  4. Well, over the weekend I decided to drop the link posts, and just focus on building more original content. I’m still posting links to delicious, and I started putting a life stream out there at https://dague.net/stream. For those that miss the links, hopefully that’s good enough.


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