That’s the Futurama I remember

Susan and I finally watched Into the Wild Green Yonder last night.  Typically I had watched these on release day, but after Bender’s Game, it didn’t feel like it had the same sense of urgency.  I love Futurama, have bought everything in the past, but the 3 previous movies left me wanting.  One of the brilliances of Futurama was the sheer density of funny, and trying to get that with a 90 minute plot is tough.  Each movie previously had seemed a little worse than the one before, which made me sad.

But, by the time they got to Into the Wild Green Yonder, they seem to have figured it out.  It felt more like the original Futurama than any of the other movies to me.  Maybe it’s the fact that the Futurama gang could always do environmentalist humor well.  At any rate, it was good.  And for anyone that enjoyed the show, I’d highly recommend buying that DVD (if you haven’t already).  The possibility for future Futurama is all about DVD sales at this point.  So if you like this stuff, don’t download it, don’t netflix… buy it.

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